Thursday, February 3, 2011

I miss the smell of sunscreen and sea on my skin.

I haven't been only complaining about the weather lately but I'm also beginning to hate my skin color. I naturally have fair skin and unlike most people, I don't embrace it. Just like how a curly-haired girl wishes she has super-straight hair. I know this sounds crazy but I prefer having darker skin- a tanned look to be specific. So I've been dying to hit the beach since I-don't-know-when and that's the first thing that I'll do once the skies clear out for good. I miss the smell of sunscreen and sea on my skin. Well, who doesn't if you're addicted to the beach! I'll be on a trip to Manila next week and hopefully the weather cooperates. And to be honest, I'm not that keen about travelling to that part of the country. The only reason why I'm a little excited for this trip is because the group is also planning to stay overnight in Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera equals beach and beach equals Archer's happiness. So I'm begging you Sun, please light up next weekend! Please!
Terra Manna Resort
Badian, Cebu

What I wore:
Plaid Button-down Shirt (Polo by Ralph Lauren)
Cuffed Denim Cut-offs (Thrifted)
Grey Sneakers (Vans in Authetic)
Black Folding Wayfarers (Ray Ban)
Sling Camera Case (Case Logic)


  1. hey! thanks for following my blog..:D sorry it took me a while to check yours..been super busy.

    i am addicted to the beach too..but only when it's summer. i used to have really dark skin playing flag football but now that i've stopped playing, i am loving my fairer skin. so no, i haven't been complaining about the colder weather..i love layering my clothes and finding an excuse to wear boots. :D

    ps. i think you were at our back on the NYE party at penthouse..i saw someone i know in one of your photos.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. hey Gizelle, thanks for squeezing in a little of your time to post here! i appreciate it.

    this blog's nothing hardcore though (i dont even know how this thing as i'm super busy with other stuff too but yes, i've been silently lurking around...reading other bloggers' posts particularly about fashion and travel!

    haha! yes i saw you at the NYE party at Penthouse with your uber-chic maxi dress! hype!


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