Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am addicted to plaid button-down shirts!

Lookbook: Office Geek
Lookbook: Office Geek by theartfularcher featuring canvas handbags

So I wasn't too lucky yesterday with my vintage jacket find but I was lucky in another piece of clothing. Honestly, I wasn't that ready to wear a denim jacket just yet, after all, summer's fast approaching. My everyday number consists of plaid button-down shirt, white v-neck tee, skinny pants and sneakers. Occassionally I'd top these with my ever-reliable (the office gets crazy cold at times) but stylish cardigans. I have this addiction to plaid button-down shirts. So even before I spotted that jacket, I already bought two of them. They were a little pricey for vintage but they looked brand new. Can't wait to show them off!


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