Sunday, February 27, 2011


ach·ro·mat·ic ( k r -m t k). adj
1. designating color perceived to have zero saturation and therefore no hue, such as neutral grays, white, or black.
2. without colour
3. the result of Archer's boring and lazy Sunday

I must say I just had the most boring Sunday today! I woke up late and was a couch potato the whole day. It's my "rest" day after all - emphasis on the word "rest". I was supposed to go to the mall earlier in the day to pay the bills but the weather was way yummy for a day of pigging out in front of the teevo. Who wants to go to the mall anyways just to pay the bills! I got bored after I drained myself watching whatever was there on cable, then an idea bulb lit up! All I needed was my camera, my brother slash sister's make-up kit, my closet and my little sister! And just like that, an instant photoshoot took place in my bedroom. So my grey vest turned into a top, my metallic grey necktie into a cinch, did her hair and make up - and there, boredom turned into something chic! I aptly named this shoot "achromatic". There definitely was no color today because of the weather, hence the inspiration for the black, grey, white styling of the shoot! Oh yeah, I love how this one turned out!

Model: May Ann Singson
Everything Else: Moi!

My closet is now infested by plaid shirts!

Lookbook: Lunch with friends
Lookbook: Lunch with friends by theartfularcher featuring merino wool tops

Nothing much to blabber about. I just woke up from sleep and thought of posting this look in the blog. This is how you would typically see me dressed up in the office (drop the hat - i don't wear hats at all). My closet is now infested by plaid shirts!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am addicted to plaid button-down shirts!

Lookbook: Office Geek
Lookbook: Office Geek by theartfularcher featuring canvas handbags

So I wasn't too lucky yesterday with my vintage jacket find but I was lucky in another piece of clothing. Honestly, I wasn't that ready to wear a denim jacket just yet, after all, summer's fast approaching. My everyday number consists of plaid button-down shirt, white v-neck tee, skinny pants and sneakers. Occassionally I'd top these with my ever-reliable (the office gets crazy cold at times) but stylish cardigans. I have this addiction to plaid button-down shirts. So even before I spotted that jacket, I already bought two of them. They were a little pricey for vintage but they looked brand new. Can't wait to show them off!

Denim jacket hunt is officially on!

I've always imagined how a denim jacket would look on me since i-don't-know-when. It's personally not in my list of fashion staples but now I'm itching to wear one after yesterday's events. After doing the grocery, Godfrey (my brother slash sister) and I headed out to our favorite vintage clothes store (a.k.a. ukay-ukay) to check out their latest stuff. After all, the signage at the door spelled NEW ARRIVAL. I got a little excited because few of my best vintage buys were from that store. I felt like the heavens planned that day for this amazing fashion find - a Calvin Klein denim jacket my size! It quietly displayed itself in the rack of jackets and was slowly drawing me in . It was stand out and boy it fit me well! I was not ready for what came next. The sales girl slash wicked witch from hell quoted a price that's so not worth it and I was not in the mood of getting ripped off yesterday. So no denim jacket for now. At least I'm glad I somehow looked good in it. Denim jacket hunt is officially on!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I didn't get enough tan from this trip, just good memories.

Exactly seven days ago today, I came back to Cebu from a four-day long vacation in the capital - Manila. Going to that part of the country is not my idea of a vacation. Well, the four days were not really spent hustling and bustling the city traffic and being eaten alive by the ginormous buildings in Makati. I was silently containing my excitement for the Saturday itinerary through out the trip. I didn't really expect much from Puerto Galera after learning that the well-traveled label that part of the country as the "poor man's Boracay". Screw that! I know that Puerto Galera is a white-sand beach (though not as white as they are in the photos i've seen online) and I know Puerto Galera is a party place (i kind of felt like i was partying in Boracay that night, swear!). Just these two make the perfect recipe for a good vacation in my vocabulary! With that, I was a happy camper over the weekend. Over all the vacation was all worth it. The only frustration I have after getting back to Cebu is not getting enough tan after spending Saturday and Sunday drenching in the sun. But that's okay, summer's just started. And oh, check out these shots I took in Puerto Galera. Hmm, I think they're...awesome!

White Beach, Puerto Galera
Mindoro Island Philippines

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I miss the smell of sunscreen and sea on my skin.

I haven't been only complaining about the weather lately but I'm also beginning to hate my skin color. I naturally have fair skin and unlike most people, I don't embrace it. Just like how a curly-haired girl wishes she has super-straight hair. I know this sounds crazy but I prefer having darker skin- a tanned look to be specific. So I've been dying to hit the beach since I-don't-know-when and that's the first thing that I'll do once the skies clear out for good. I miss the smell of sunscreen and sea on my skin. Well, who doesn't if you're addicted to the beach! I'll be on a trip to Manila next week and hopefully the weather cooperates. And to be honest, I'm not that keen about travelling to that part of the country. The only reason why I'm a little excited for this trip is because the group is also planning to stay overnight in Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera equals beach and beach equals Archer's happiness. So I'm begging you Sun, please light up next weekend! Please!
Terra Manna Resort
Badian, Cebu

What I wore:
Plaid Button-down Shirt (Polo by Ralph Lauren)
Cuffed Denim Cut-offs (Thrifted)
Grey Sneakers (Vans in Authetic)
Black Folding Wayfarers (Ray Ban)
Sling Camera Case (Case Logic)
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