Friday, April 29, 2011

The Swimwear Project: Third Installment

Finally! A complete twelve piece collection from my little project aptly named The Swimwear Project. These are one of a kind pieces, fabrics and prints carefully selected by moi! Oh boy, I'm proud of the final outcome! Big thanks to my seamstress (+ her wonderful crew) and to my sister for modeling these swimsuits! Watch out for the next installment in two weeks or so.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another un-holy week spent in Bantayan Island.

Last week, everyone canceled their Bantayan Island holy week plans on me and I was left with a challenge of finding who to go with to that island. I tried coming up with a plan B (go somewhere else) but it didn't work out quite well so I decided to go back to plan A - spend the weekend in Bantayan Island. Turns out, Godfrey and his friends, who I have little acquaintances with, were going to the same island for the weekend too. By Friday noon time, we found ourselves setting up our tents in Sugar Beach. I spent 2009's holy week in that very same place so I couldn't be more delighted! I have to admit, I was a little worried when we got to the bus terminal and the ferry port. It wasn't as crowded as the past years. But why worry when this should be a cause for celebration since this meant less travel stress? My answer- because I have gotten used to the usual spring break vibe at this time of the year. I had a feeling that the island's going to resemble a ghost town with a white sand beach filled with tourists, all silent, bored and just chilling out. I'm all for chilling out but not silence and boredom. We were there to have fun and enjoy our well deserved breaks. And then I got the surprise of a lifetime when we got to our resort- Sugar Beach was filled with people and tents, most of which have already set their camps the day before. By Saturday, the number of people in the resort doubled and it looked pretty much the same as the past years minus the big stage at the beach side. Though no big production party event took place in the island (after it was banned) this year, the atmosphere was very similar to how it was last year. Yes, there were lesser visitors this year but there was just the right amount of crowd in the resort. So no more long lines in the shower and comfort rooms. House, hiphop, and dance music played all day and night. By night time, people would gather in the shores and dance as if a beach party was going on. Fire dancers would occasionally showcase their skills by midnight. People were either busy chilling out in their tents or busy getting drunk. We were busy doing the latter. During day time, people flocked the beach despite the hot sun. Some swimming, some just lazing around, some basking under the sun. Everyone was having a good time. I'm happy I decided to go with Godfrey's friends because they turned out to be very fun to hang out with. I also made new acquaintances during this trip- one of the things I love about traveling. I had such a grand time this year and it'll be hard to top this off!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party island no more.




It's already the Tuesday of this year's holy week and I should be busy prepping up for a 4-day trip to Bantayan Island but I'm not. This year's supposed-to-be travel posse canceled their plans last week. Even the gorgeous Carmelli, who swore she would travel this weekend with or without the original cast, also had to cancel. She came down with the flu and needed to rest to fully recover. You get well soon girl, summer's far from over and don't worry, those super chic swimsuits will have their place in your Facebook photos before this summer ends! From where I'm from, Bantayan Island has become synonymous to holy week getaways. For the past years, the island attracted more and more tourists, especially the younger crowd. Well, who wouldn't want to be in the island at this time of the year?! Every year, a three-night dance party is held in one of its lovely white sand shores. For somebody who loves the beach and dance parties, this yearly event was nirvana. But that is history now. As they say, all good things come to an end and this one had to end. Apparently, the conservative Catholics in the island found it too offensive and our lady governor happened to be on the same page and now this annual event is banned. I was there two years ago when the parties got too wild that it caught the cop's attention. At least it happened in the neighboring resort where a swimwear fashion show was being held and was mistaken as a bikini show. From where we were, it was purely dance party but a very wild one that went on for 3 nights. I've never been drunk for 4 straight days and nights my whole life. I was also there last year when the atmosphere was more sober. After the past year's events, the cops had to turn their eagle eyes on. I remember dancing at the party and it was just getting started when suddenly out of nowhere, cops came to the venue and stopped the event. I swear, it felt like we were in an underground club that got raided by the cops. This year, it only means one thing- bye bye wild parties in Bantayan island, hello chilling out at the beach! Chilling out is good, for a change. As long as its at the beach then I'm happy. So this means I have three days to work on a plan B. I'll find my way to Bantayan - I'm desperate! haha. Let's see how this weekend turns out!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mosquito nets are not just for mosquitoes.

So what do you do when you're a little rum-coke drunk at the beach and you see a mosquito net hanging at your beach house??? I say, do an impromptu design challenge ala Project Runway! I love being random and nothing can be as random as creating a long gown while at the beach using your resort's mosquito net! My good friend and all-time muse Rea was more than eager to let me do crazy things to her. I'm almost sure she was a little drunk too. We just finished freshening up and got ready for dinner (with the exception of Fritz - apparently he was moving turtle pace not because of alcohol but because he slept all day) when I stumbled upon this mosquito net. It was there all that time but you know when you get a little tipsy you see things differently (this is according to the drunkie side of me). While waiting for Fritz, I started draping the net around Rea's body. Did knots here and there and voila! A grecian gown in an instant! Rea wanted to go to dinner wearing that mosquito-net-gown but we had to stop her. It was crazy enough that we ripped that mosquito net and turned it into a gown, the craziness had to be contained inside that beach house. The last thing I want is Rea being mistaken as a tranny wearing this outrageous number in that island. This would have been really easy given the fact that she was with three gay men! Crazy night!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Swimwear Project

I love fashion as much as I love the beach. Okay, I'm lying. I love the beach more than fashion! If I were to make a chart counting down the stuff I like, the beach will grab the number one spot, fashion at number two. I've been told a million times that an accounting course in college over fine arts was the mistake of a lifetime. Well I have to agree with those million people but hey, screw it- I can't do anything about that. I don't really have regrets over getting an accounting degree because that's where I met the most amazing people some of whom I now call friends, real friends. Alright, enough drama. This post is really about this little project that I ventured into. I told you I love fashion but I'm not really into it the hardcore kind of way. I mean, you won't see me dressing up like a fashion freak just to prove a point, call me the subtle type. I'm happy with basic v-neck tees, skinnies, plaid shirts and sneakers. And that's it. My love for fashion is more on dressing up or styling other people more than myself. I'd be sought for fashion advices every now and then like I do that for a living. I get surprised when that happens and at the same time I'd itch to glam that person up! I'm a fan of fashion blogs, magazines and websites. Is that enough proof for my obsession? LOL Anyways, going back to that little project. I've always wondered why ladies' swimsuits (the stylish ones) cost a fortune when I'm out in malls or boutiques. So when the opportunity to create stylish swimsuits (affordable ones) came, I had to try it! Did a few sketches here and there, showed it to my friends and got nods of approval. Thank God for this very talented seamstress and her garments from heaven! These swimsuits were selling like pancakes when I brought the first and second batch in the office. Somehow, I'd like to think that this project was a success. Above are some of the designs from the first and second batch. You can tell I'm a fan of bandeau tops. And did I tell you these are one of a kind pieces?

May Ann
Rea May
Aza Leah

Shot in:
Snake Island, Palawan
Sabang Beach, Palawan
Malapacua Island, Cebu

Summer starts in Malapascua Island!

Summer has officially started! Through out the rest of the year, I've been openly telling my friends how I wish those cold and rainy days would come to an end soon so I can head out to the beach and begin the process of faking my skin color once again. I have this obsession with tanned skin like I'm someone who hails from the west! And it's finally here! Summer's here. Even though the weather from this side of the globe feels like summer all year round, there's still that extra something to months March, April and May. These months mean no school (like I still go to school), frequent trips to the beach, hot temperature and birthday??? Yes! Exactly a week ago, I celebrated my birthday. And yes, I was born on April Fool's and I kid -"My mom played prank on my dad and the world when she gave birth to me!" Anyways, it has been a tradition that I welcome my birthday at the beach. It started five years ago and don't ask me how it started! It's a must- if you're birthday's on summer, what better way to celebrate it than the summer way! So last Saturday, we (the usual suspects) headed out to our new favorite beach up north. Fritz, who's also an offspring of summer, celebrated his birthday there too. I either top that off or be even! haha And again, our destination was the breathtaking Malapascua Island. It sure was another trip to remember (BTW, all our trips are trips to remember!). Our trips to the beach are equivalent to the words- eat, drink, swim, get-a-tan, play, talk-nonsense, get-drunk, less-sleep and go-camwhoring! All of which can be coined into one word - FUN.

Malapascua Island, Cebu
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