Monday, January 31, 2011

Imagine what gray skies and wet lands do to a self-confessed beach addict.

What I love about living in a tropical country is the fact that we don't have to deal with four different seasons, we only have two - wet and dry seasons. While this sounds good, it isn't when either season stays longer than expected. The past month has been nothing but gray skies and bucket loads of rain. The only thing I like about this weather is fashion - I get to wear layered clothing, and that's it. I'm more of a blue-skies-warm-sunshine kind of person. Imagine what gray skies and wet lands do to a person who's a self-confessed beach addict. The weather seem to have a very unusual effect on me. I've been spending so much lately I feel like I just won the lottery! Definitely not a good thing. I have to admit it, I have been spending more than I earn but I have no regrets. I have to stop before I see myself playing Isla Fisher's role in the movie Shopaholic. So I was happy when I got an invite to a day at a resort down Cebu south. I needed it to steer me back to what I love most - the beach. This was going to be my first this year and there better be sun. And thank God for a partly sunny Sunday yesterday. The trip was a blast!

Terra Manna Resort
Badian, Cebu

What I wore:
Plaid Button Down Shirt (Polo by Ralph Lauren)
Cuffed Denim Cut-offs (Thrifted)
Sneakers (Vans)
Folding Wayfarers (Ray Ban)

Monday, January 17, 2011

By 4 am, I was no longer drenched in rain but sweat.

It's Sinulog weekend and its synonymous to the word PARTEEEYYY, at least for me. This year, I decided not to go out on the streets not only because it rained the whole day but I still felt hung-over from Saturday night's partying. I would have wanted to take snapshots of how festive the mood is on the streets but the weather just made me lazy and my head was throbbing with pain - damn you Smirnoff!. Saturday night was a blast. I'll sum it up in three words - RouteStop, HedKandi and Formo. Rea, Fritz and I decided to start the night out with a good dose of rum cola in RouteStop before heading out to the Hed Kandi event in CICC. There I met Carmelli and her friends, who I instantly got along really well with. House music was on the menu that night, only world-class electronic music. By 3am, we found ourselves dancing and at the same time singing to 80's and 90's hits at Formo which I was pleasantly surprised with (clubbing to me usually means dancing to house or hiphop). Woke up the next day at 12 noon and got text messages from almost everyone asking me of my whereabouts. I kept it as a secret. By night time, I was making my way into the streets, along with Rea and Fritz, all we saw was traffic and rain-drenched people. And we had to join in, we decided to walk and be soaked in the drizzling rain (with the exception of Fritz who brought his umbrella). By 4 am, I was no longer drenched in rain but sweat. We sure danced like there was no tomorrow.

Hed Kandi Event
CICC, Mandaue City

Sinulog Party
Mango Avenue, Cebu City

What I wore:
Checked Button Down Shirt (Uniqlo)
Stretched Black Skinnies (People Are People)
Black Sneakers (Vans in Half Cab Pro Skater Series)

Plaid Shirt (Thrifted)
Cuffed Chino Shorts (Bossini, DIY)
Gray Sneakers (Vans in Authentic)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Turns out, the plain white box wasn't that plain at all.

Earlier at work today, I got a surprise that came in a plain white box. Apparently, somebody thought I celebrate my birthday every 13th of January. Or maybe, that present was a joke considering my real birthday's on April Fool's. Either way, I'm happy. It was totally unexpected! (okay honestly, it kind of was since it was mentioned to me the day before) Turns out, the plain white box wasn't that plain at all. Imagine a kid getting 7 different toys in one box. That's how I felt when I unwrapped the gift (the gift wrapped in an imaginary Of course, this is an exaggeration! Seriously, I was really happy and thankful. Now I feel the need to reciprocate. Christmas is 11 months away ladies!

What I asked for was a notebook, a simple one to be specific...instead, I was given a reminder- a reminder of how many good friends I have. L♥ve yah ladies!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

After binging, the most random photoshoot took place.

After partying 'til four in the morning, I had to go back to the office to meet my officemates slash accomplices for our New Year's Day eating spree. Yes, I want to lose a few pounds this year but not just yet - holiday food is way too yummy to pass up. I swear, I have never tried staying in the office pantry for over an hour before. Aza, Fritz, Marie and I stayed there for nearly three hours eating whatever we can stuff inside our mouths! The food that we had was good for ten people and we sat there eating like we starved the whole year. Of course, this is an exaggeration! Well, you wouldn't call this time of the year "Holiday Season" if there's no overeating involved. Lol. After the binging, the most random photoshoot took place outside the office (we call it camwhoring). The streets were empty, the weather was perfect (by perfect, I mean it's not that hot), and people didn't seem distracted or didn't really care about what we were doing. So game on! Aza, Fritz and I took turns as photographer and model! Does this mean we're going to spend the rest of the year "camwhoring"? I won't complain if that's the case.



how's my photo post-editing skill?

Asiatown I.T. Park
Cebu City

What I wore:
Plaid Gray Shirt (thrifted)
Skinny Denim (Uniqlo)
Red Sneakers (DC Shoes)

So there I was, welcoming the new year to the beat of house music and alcohol.

The first day of a new year is like Monday on a bigger scale. Most people hate Mondays. Well, I don't. The first day of the week gives you a chance to reset. Reset your priorities, reset your plans, reset activities, and reset almost anything that you hate about the past week. I know not everyone agrees but that's how I am - I'm filled with optimism and enthusiasm (at least I think I am). So I wasn't going to pass on the chance of welcoming the new year with much enthusiasm! I wanted to celebrate the end of another smooth-sailing year and celebrate the coming of another (hopefully!). No more new year's resolution this year. Since college, the only resolution that topped my list was to lose weight and I always end the year three or five pounds heavier (lol). Screw it! Wait, wait, wait...let me scrap the last three sentences! I have resolutions, I will lose weight (fingers crossed) and I'm not screwing my plans this time! Going back to celebrating the new year, I seriously thought I was going to welcome the new year asleep, sick and full of regrets the morning after. I've been sick the whole week but it's no biggie, it's just that I spent the whole day of the 31st out on the mall eating and watching some local horror flick. I did enjoy the day laughing at how good Fritz mimicked the actress's almost emotionless screams. Went home by dusk and brought home a box of chocolate fudge cake and another box for the brownies for the traditional midnight feast. Slept for five hours and woke up to Carmelli's text from heaven. The social butterfly's inviting me over to a year-ender party in one of the city's premier dance clubs. Fantastic! So there I was, welcoming the new year to the beat of house music and alcohol. What a night.

The Event

DJ Shane Kehoe spinning it.

This place was jam-packed!

With Carmelli and her entourage.

The Penthouse
Asiatown, I.T. Park
Cebu City

What I wore:
Plaid Shirt (
Skinny Denim (Uniqlo)
Sneakers (DC Shoes)

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