Monday, February 21, 2011

I didn't get enough tan from this trip, just good memories.

Exactly seven days ago today, I came back to Cebu from a four-day long vacation in the capital - Manila. Going to that part of the country is not my idea of a vacation. Well, the four days were not really spent hustling and bustling the city traffic and being eaten alive by the ginormous buildings in Makati. I was silently containing my excitement for the Saturday itinerary through out the trip. I didn't really expect much from Puerto Galera after learning that the well-traveled label that part of the country as the "poor man's Boracay". Screw that! I know that Puerto Galera is a white-sand beach (though not as white as they are in the photos i've seen online) and I know Puerto Galera is a party place (i kind of felt like i was partying in Boracay that night, swear!). Just these two make the perfect recipe for a good vacation in my vocabulary! With that, I was a happy camper over the weekend. Over all the vacation was all worth it. The only frustration I have after getting back to Cebu is not getting enough tan after spending Saturday and Sunday drenching in the sun. But that's okay, summer's just started. And oh, check out these shots I took in Puerto Galera. Hmm, I think they're...awesome!

White Beach, Puerto Galera
Mindoro Island Philippines


  1. nice shots geng! what cam did u use? :)

  2. @KewlMommathanks Maris! these were taken using a GE X5 a.k.a. refrigerator camera! lol


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