Monday, January 31, 2011

Imagine what gray skies and wet lands do to a self-confessed beach addict.

What I love about living in a tropical country is the fact that we don't have to deal with four different seasons, we only have two - wet and dry seasons. While this sounds good, it isn't when either season stays longer than expected. The past month has been nothing but gray skies and bucket loads of rain. The only thing I like about this weather is fashion - I get to wear layered clothing, and that's it. I'm more of a blue-skies-warm-sunshine kind of person. Imagine what gray skies and wet lands do to a person who's a self-confessed beach addict. The weather seem to have a very unusual effect on me. I've been spending so much lately I feel like I just won the lottery! Definitely not a good thing. I have to admit it, I have been spending more than I earn but I have no regrets. I have to stop before I see myself playing Isla Fisher's role in the movie Shopaholic. So I was happy when I got an invite to a day at a resort down Cebu south. I needed it to steer me back to what I love most - the beach. This was going to be my first this year and there better be sun. And thank God for a partly sunny Sunday yesterday. The trip was a blast!

Terra Manna Resort
Badian, Cebu

What I wore:
Plaid Button Down Shirt (Polo by Ralph Lauren)
Cuffed Denim Cut-offs (Thrifted)
Sneakers (Vans)
Folding Wayfarers (Ray Ban)


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