Saturday, February 26, 2011

Denim jacket hunt is officially on!

I've always imagined how a denim jacket would look on me since i-don't-know-when. It's personally not in my list of fashion staples but now I'm itching to wear one after yesterday's events. After doing the grocery, Godfrey (my brother slash sister) and I headed out to our favorite vintage clothes store (a.k.a. ukay-ukay) to check out their latest stuff. After all, the signage at the door spelled NEW ARRIVAL. I got a little excited because few of my best vintage buys were from that store. I felt like the heavens planned that day for this amazing fashion find - a Calvin Klein denim jacket my size! It quietly displayed itself in the rack of jackets and was slowly drawing me in . It was stand out and boy it fit me well! I was not ready for what came next. The sales girl slash wicked witch from hell quoted a price that's so not worth it and I was not in the mood of getting ripped off yesterday. So no denim jacket for now. At least I'm glad I somehow looked good in it. Denim jacket hunt is officially on!


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