Saturday, January 1, 2011

After binging, the most random photoshoot took place.

After partying 'til four in the morning, I had to go back to the office to meet my officemates slash accomplices for our New Year's Day eating spree. Yes, I want to lose a few pounds this year but not just yet - holiday food is way too yummy to pass up. I swear, I have never tried staying in the office pantry for over an hour before. Aza, Fritz, Marie and I stayed there for nearly three hours eating whatever we can stuff inside our mouths! The food that we had was good for ten people and we sat there eating like we starved the whole year. Of course, this is an exaggeration! Well, you wouldn't call this time of the year "Holiday Season" if there's no overeating involved. Lol. After the binging, the most random photoshoot took place outside the office (we call it camwhoring). The streets were empty, the weather was perfect (by perfect, I mean it's not that hot), and people didn't seem distracted or didn't really care about what we were doing. So game on! Aza, Fritz and I took turns as photographer and model! Does this mean we're going to spend the rest of the year "camwhoring"? I won't complain if that's the case.



how's my photo post-editing skill?

Asiatown I.T. Park
Cebu City

What I wore:
Plaid Gray Shirt (thrifted)
Skinny Denim (Uniqlo)
Red Sneakers (DC Shoes)


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