Saturday, January 1, 2011

So there I was, welcoming the new year to the beat of house music and alcohol.

The first day of a new year is like Monday on a bigger scale. Most people hate Mondays. Well, I don't. The first day of the week gives you a chance to reset. Reset your priorities, reset your plans, reset activities, and reset almost anything that you hate about the past week. I know not everyone agrees but that's how I am - I'm filled with optimism and enthusiasm (at least I think I am). So I wasn't going to pass on the chance of welcoming the new year with much enthusiasm! I wanted to celebrate the end of another smooth-sailing year and celebrate the coming of another (hopefully!). No more new year's resolution this year. Since college, the only resolution that topped my list was to lose weight and I always end the year three or five pounds heavier (lol). Screw it! Wait, wait, wait...let me scrap the last three sentences! I have resolutions, I will lose weight (fingers crossed) and I'm not screwing my plans this time! Going back to celebrating the new year, I seriously thought I was going to welcome the new year asleep, sick and full of regrets the morning after. I've been sick the whole week but it's no biggie, it's just that I spent the whole day of the 31st out on the mall eating and watching some local horror flick. I did enjoy the day laughing at how good Fritz mimicked the actress's almost emotionless screams. Went home by dusk and brought home a box of chocolate fudge cake and another box for the brownies for the traditional midnight feast. Slept for five hours and woke up to Carmelli's text from heaven. The social butterfly's inviting me over to a year-ender party in one of the city's premier dance clubs. Fantastic! So there I was, welcoming the new year to the beat of house music and alcohol. What a night.

The Event

DJ Shane Kehoe spinning it.

This place was jam-packed!

With Carmelli and her entourage.

The Penthouse
Asiatown, I.T. Park
Cebu City

What I wore:
Plaid Shirt (
Skinny Denim (Uniqlo)
Sneakers (DC Shoes)


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