Sunday, May 29, 2011

So long, summer!

getting drunk prepping up

colorful strobe lights

Archer and company

supposedly Cebu's 100 prettiest

DJ Marlon Orellano + drum beaters

fire dancer


DJ Davide Succi

a fraction of the 10,000+ party goers

Its official, summer's coming to a close. Time really flies. I remember feeling excited for the season just three months ago, now the used-to-be feeling of longing for that one season is replaced by reminiscing, along with the transition of hot weather to cold. This year's summer felt like watching a popular TV series on DVD and finishing one entire season in one day, a season that would take you three or four months if you watch it on regular TV. You want to see more episodes but there are none left and you just have to wait for the next season. Yes, I'm sad that it's about to end (for others, it might have already ended) but at the same time I'm a little relieved. Relieved because the weather's not as hell-like hot as the past two months and relieved because lesser trips mean lesser expenses. There are places that I planned of visiting this summer that have not been visited but I'd like to say this year's summer was so worthwhile. It was a summer of many firsts- my first time in Manila, Puerto Galera, Puerto Princesa- to mention a few. The season may have ended but I'll always find my way to the beach. Thank God for this tropical country! We still get to have sun despite the worst of rainy days. With the rainy season just getting started, I think I may have to do some updates on my closet. One of the good things about cold weather is you get to wear layered clothes and I miss that!

So there, that's enough blabbering about summer's end! Let me talk about how I celebrated it's end. Last night was a blur blast. People have been raving about this event Summer Sunscream 2011 the whole summer. Everyone's been looking forward to it since it was the only big summer party event this year. And as expected, about 10,000 people (my estimate) showed up last night- too many people for such a small venue. Good for the event organizer, bad for the party-goers. The event looked like a big success if you look at it in a photo- big stage, high-technology lights, moshpit-like crowd, people having fun and all that. But if you were there, you might agree with what I have to say. It wasn't a smash hit after all. Don't get me wrong because I had a lot of fun last night but you can't ignore the flaws that were there. And these are: serious case of overcrowding, ridiculously priced food and drinks, poor crowd and traffic control, overpriced on-site ticket rate (got mine for P200, if you bought yours at the gate, its P500 despite the advertisement that said its P400 which was already pricey), and the one thing that pissed me off last night- only one comfort room (one for each gender) was made available for the party goers! Imagine how long the lines got – so if you really can’t hold it any longer- your only options were to either piss in your pants or bust your bladders, or worst, sh*t yourself. Anyway, I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to experience all these last night (except for the last item, thank God I was able to hold it and later on forgot about it). Like I said, I had fun. Good thing we came up with a plan of eating dinner first and then consuming alcohol at the parking lot before getting inside the venue. By the time we were inside, we were already drunk hyped up and all we had to do was enjoy the music and the party. Now I can't wait for next year's summer, not sure about the same summer event.

Tambuli Beach Club
Maribago, Mactan Cebu

What I wore:
Plaid Shirt (Thrifted)
Cuffed Chinos (Bossini)
Flipflops (Havaianas)


  1. hahaha! they say the event was an epic fail..and there's even a facebook page about it. LOL. i'm glad you still had fun's really about the company that you're with.

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