Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer just ended, errr...just got extended!

the beach

survival kit


tan retouch

Rea, doing what she does best!

pose with Fritz!

enjoying the beach

enjoying the beach even more!

Darlene laughing at the boys...




If there's such a thing as an extension to the summer season, my version of it would be my quick trip to Bantayan Island over the weekend. Warm sun, blue skies, clear waters, white sand- I couldn't ask for more, I was in paradise! I just could not say no to Fritz when he invited me to this trip. His friends from Davao City came to visit him over the weekend and he wanted to take them somewhere nice. We initially thought of taking them to Malapascua Island, as breathtaking as that island is, it was too laid-back, quiet, for his friends' taste. Bantayan Island was the perfect choice! And I've been itching to go back there after not getting enough last holy week- not enough sun and swim because the island was overcrowded. The trip was overall fun except for the bus ride home. But hey, bus rides (especially those in buses with no air-conditioning units) are not always fun. It was bad enough that it was my trip back to reality, worse, I was going to take that trip with only half my ass seated, and in a bus that planned to take every person on the road in. So imagine how comfortable this bus ride was! (insert sarcastic face here) The only good about that bus ride was the view from the side windows. About halfway on that 4 hour trip, I witnessed the most breath-taking sunset. As I was watching the sun hide behind the mountains, I started thinking about things. That its not going to be summer everyday and at some point it has to end. Leisure trips are just temporary detours and you eventually have to get back on track the moment you arrive home. You know what I'm talking about! So goodbye summer, see you again next year!

Budyong Beach Resort
Bantayan Island, Cebu


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