Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The wedding drama cured my hangover.

I got home really late yesterday, or shall I say, really early in the morning. That very same day, my good friend BJ was getting hitched with another friend JD . Not that I forgot the big day but I just had too much fun the night before - DVD marathon, card games and alcohol at Pol's place. Not getting a beauty sleep the night before my friends' wedding was probably not the wisest but hey, what's a fun-loving animal's got to do when you hear your calling! So after waking up from a four-hour sleep, I had to prep up like crazy. Crazy because the temperature was hot even with my room AC on full throttle and crazy because I didn't have anything decent to wear. The dress code was supposed to be white long sleeves paired with khaki pants. I guess I was pretty successful at disguising my greyish brown skinny jeans as a khaki pants because I blended in with the crowd well. The chapel where the wedding took place was nice. It was small and very private. I felt like I was on a celebrity wedding guest list! I must admit, I got a little emotional when BJ started walking down the aisle because I felt a little sore down my throat (that is equivalent to a cry for most people). Who wouldn't get emotional if you see how genuine their love is! JD was sobbing like a child when the ceremony started and everyone around was almost doing the same - very movie-like! I almost forgot that I'm still a little hung-over from last night's drinking with all the drama. Off we went to the reception at BE Resort in Mactan. It was just perfect. From the decoration/setup, to the program and down to the food. We got a little tipsy right before dinner was served. Fritz (a self-confessed recovering ex-alcoholic), did some disguising act himself. That bottle of Gatorade that he brought in turned out to be rum. Oh well, I did help him put up this crime earlier on. So with our new friends from Manila, Charm and Leah, the already very festive mood of the wedding reception became very much the same as the drinking session that happened the night before! (at least in our table) Again, congratulations to you b0th BJ and JD. I wish you all the happiness and love in the world!

Archbishop's Palace
BE Resorts Mactan

What I Wore:
Pin-striped Shirt (Thrifted)
Skinny Jeans (Terranova)
Sneakers (Vans Half Cab)


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