Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No sun but still fun.

It looks like summer’s going to end soon this year. Today’s bright sunny weather should have been the case last Friday during our island hopping tour but it wasn’t. The earlier weeks of May normally would be the hottest during the season but it’s obvious, our weather system is pretty f*cked messed up. Yes, I blame it on global warming. Despite the gloomy weather last week, everyone was having a blast during our little excursion. I’ve been on a similar island hopping tour three times before but last Friday’s got to be the most fun. It was my first time visiting Pandanon Island, an island with an easy access from Cebu but is already part of Bohol. Overcast skies didn’t stop us from getting wasted having fun at sea. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits despite the cold weather. I normally would not have as much fun at the beach (or at sea in this case) if there’s no sun but surprisingly, I had a grand time. This trip turned out to be a trip of many firsts for me too! Here they are, randomly enumerated:

- taking photos of 8 ladies all wearing two-piece swimsuits

- island hopping in a big boat, in a big group

- sharing 2 dozens of 1.5 liter Coke and Sprite with 19 others

- drinking rum coke from 9am ‘til 3pm while on board an outrigger boat

- picking sea urchins with a huge fork

- jellyfish stings/itch for the year

- peanut butter sandwich on board a boat

- island hopping on a cold cloudy day

- not eating chips at the beach

- squeezing in my butt in a tiny jeep with 17 others on our way home

It sure was another trip to remember, especially with these jellyfish stings that will scar in the next 2 or 3 months!


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