Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer starts in Malapascua Island!

Summer has officially started! Through out the rest of the year, I've been openly telling my friends how I wish those cold and rainy days would come to an end soon so I can head out to the beach and begin the process of faking my skin color once again. I have this obsession with tanned skin like I'm someone who hails from the west! And it's finally here! Summer's here. Even though the weather from this side of the globe feels like summer all year round, there's still that extra something to months March, April and May. These months mean no school (like I still go to school), frequent trips to the beach, hot temperature and birthday??? Yes! Exactly a week ago, I celebrated my birthday. And yes, I was born on April Fool's and I kid -"My mom played prank on my dad and the world when she gave birth to me!" Anyways, it has been a tradition that I welcome my birthday at the beach. It started five years ago and don't ask me how it started! It's a must- if you're birthday's on summer, what better way to celebrate it than the summer way! So last Saturday, we (the usual suspects) headed out to our new favorite beach up north. Fritz, who's also an offspring of summer, celebrated his birthday there too. I either top that off or be even! haha And again, our destination was the breathtaking Malapascua Island. It sure was another trip to remember (BTW, all our trips are trips to remember!). Our trips to the beach are equivalent to the words- eat, drink, swim, get-a-tan, play, talk-nonsense, get-drunk, less-sleep and go-camwhoring! All of which can be coined into one word - FUN.

Malapascua Island, Cebu


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