Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party island no more.




It's already the Tuesday of this year's holy week and I should be busy prepping up for a 4-day trip to Bantayan Island but I'm not. This year's supposed-to-be travel posse canceled their plans last week. Even the gorgeous Carmelli, who swore she would travel this weekend with or without the original cast, also had to cancel. She came down with the flu and needed to rest to fully recover. You get well soon girl, summer's far from over and don't worry, those super chic swimsuits will have their place in your Facebook photos before this summer ends! From where I'm from, Bantayan Island has become synonymous to holy week getaways. For the past years, the island attracted more and more tourists, especially the younger crowd. Well, who wouldn't want to be in the island at this time of the year?! Every year, a three-night dance party is held in one of its lovely white sand shores. For somebody who loves the beach and dance parties, this yearly event was nirvana. But that is history now. As they say, all good things come to an end and this one had to end. Apparently, the conservative Catholics in the island found it too offensive and our lady governor happened to be on the same page and now this annual event is banned. I was there two years ago when the parties got too wild that it caught the cop's attention. At least it happened in the neighboring resort where a swimwear fashion show was being held and was mistaken as a bikini show. From where we were, it was purely dance party but a very wild one that went on for 3 nights. I've never been drunk for 4 straight days and nights my whole life. I was also there last year when the atmosphere was more sober. After the past year's events, the cops had to turn their eagle eyes on. I remember dancing at the party and it was just getting started when suddenly out of nowhere, cops came to the venue and stopped the event. I swear, it felt like we were in an underground club that got raided by the cops. This year, it only means one thing- bye bye wild parties in Bantayan island, hello chilling out at the beach! Chilling out is good, for a change. As long as its at the beach then I'm happy. So this means I have three days to work on a plan B. I'll find my way to Bantayan - I'm desperate! haha. Let's see how this weekend turns out!


  1. Sorry to hear that everyone canceled on you but hopefully this weekend turns out great for you.

  2. @Bluegreen Kirk hey Kirk! thanks for dropping by. I had a blast over the weekend, plan B turned out great!


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