Friday, April 8, 2011

The Swimwear Project

I love fashion as much as I love the beach. Okay, I'm lying. I love the beach more than fashion! If I were to make a chart counting down the stuff I like, the beach will grab the number one spot, fashion at number two. I've been told a million times that an accounting course in college over fine arts was the mistake of a lifetime. Well I have to agree with those million people but hey, screw it- I can't do anything about that. I don't really have regrets over getting an accounting degree because that's where I met the most amazing people some of whom I now call friends, real friends. Alright, enough drama. This post is really about this little project that I ventured into. I told you I love fashion but I'm not really into it the hardcore kind of way. I mean, you won't see me dressing up like a fashion freak just to prove a point, call me the subtle type. I'm happy with basic v-neck tees, skinnies, plaid shirts and sneakers. And that's it. My love for fashion is more on dressing up or styling other people more than myself. I'd be sought for fashion advices every now and then like I do that for a living. I get surprised when that happens and at the same time I'd itch to glam that person up! I'm a fan of fashion blogs, magazines and websites. Is that enough proof for my obsession? LOL Anyways, going back to that little project. I've always wondered why ladies' swimsuits (the stylish ones) cost a fortune when I'm out in malls or boutiques. So when the opportunity to create stylish swimsuits (affordable ones) came, I had to try it! Did a few sketches here and there, showed it to my friends and got nods of approval. Thank God for this very talented seamstress and her garments from heaven! These swimsuits were selling like pancakes when I brought the first and second batch in the office. Somehow, I'd like to think that this project was a success. Above are some of the designs from the first and second batch. You can tell I'm a fan of bandeau tops. And did I tell you these are one of a kind pieces?

May Ann
Rea May
Aza Leah

Shot in:
Snake Island, Palawan
Sabang Beach, Palawan
Malapacua Island, Cebu


  1. u designed these swimsuits archer? really impressed! :)

  2. @bam thanks Bam! nothing major, tripping lang.

  3. Hey Arch,

    I know we feel the same way about college but what's important is you're doing what you love. As we mature, we tend to find our niche, and I'm glad you found yours. And speaking of these stuff... they're not just the usual stuff! these are amazing! Can you design one for me? heheheh... Hey, I'll be waiting for it.

  4. @Jhona Alo hey Jhona! it's been ages! how you been? thank you for your kind words. i have some stuff that are just about done next week, i'll set aside some for you. you're a size medium right?

  5. arch, if only i still have the body to wear 2 piece suits..but unfortunately d na mada ang nayitch! huhu! anyway love the designs!!


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