Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mosquito nets are not just for mosquitoes.

So what do you do when you're a little rum-coke drunk at the beach and you see a mosquito net hanging at your beach house??? I say, do an impromptu design challenge ala Project Runway! I love being random and nothing can be as random as creating a long gown while at the beach using your resort's mosquito net! My good friend and all-time muse Rea was more than eager to let me do crazy things to her. I'm almost sure she was a little drunk too. We just finished freshening up and got ready for dinner (with the exception of Fritz - apparently he was moving turtle pace not because of alcohol but because he slept all day) when I stumbled upon this mosquito net. It was there all that time but you know when you get a little tipsy you see things differently (this is according to the drunkie side of me). While waiting for Fritz, I started draping the net around Rea's body. Did knots here and there and voila! A grecian gown in an instant! Rea wanted to go to dinner wearing that mosquito-net-gown but we had to stop her. It was crazy enough that we ripped that mosquito net and turned it into a gown, the craziness had to be contained inside that beach house. The last thing I want is Rea being mistaken as a tranny wearing this outrageous number in that island. This would have been really easy given the fact that she was with three gay men! Crazy night!


  1. love the 1st pic of course the couture gown! I wish I can be as artsy and a stylist like you! *envious*

  2. @thepinaysolobackpacker @thepinaysolobackpacker hello pinaysolobackpacker, thank you! and i wish i'm traveling the world like yourself! btw, you take such lovely photos - that's artsy.

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