Sunday, March 13, 2011

If you're born on summer, it is imperative that you celebrate your birthday at the beach.

So when a good friend thought of celebrating his birthday somewhere outside the city and asked for my idea on the location, I blurted out - "Let's head out to the beach!". Pretty predictable from me but hey, welcoming your birthday on the beach is the next best thing to getting a brand new car on your sweet sixteen! And if you're birth date falls on summer, it is imperative that you celebrate your birthday at the beach - this is my opinion. Last weekend was a blast - a different kind of blast that is. No loud music, no crazy partying, no traffic, no city and no city people. We had an island of warm skies and blue waters all to ourselves. Well not really, Malaspacua Island is now overflowing with tourists from all over the globe. I seriously thought I was outside of Asia at one point during the trip! All I saw were Europeans, Americans, and I don't know where those other people are from. The island does have a little resemblance to Boracay but it's way better than the latter! I say better because its not as "touristy" and as crowded as Boracay. The sun and sea is just to die for. You can laze around, get a tan, swim, eat and at the end of the day you're left wanting for more. Okay, that last statement is a bit exaggerated but it's up to you really. Fritz, Radley, Rea and myself spent our three days and two nights eating, roaming around the island, swimming, getting a tan, drinking alcohol, playing cards and of course - camwhoring! What a way to celebrate Fritz's birthday! My birthday's up next month and who knows, I just might be back in this same island!

Malapascua Island, Cebu


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