Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello beach! I'm back!

definitely not our ride! lol

paradise found!

white sand in Lambug beach

our mansion for the weekend

beach beside the resort

staring at the horizon

lazing around

no i'm not jumping off this pool!


sunset in Lambug beach

I just survived two months of all work and no play. By play, I mean going out of town+heading out to the beach+getting drunk. It's a known fact amongst my circle of friends that I have a problem- my addiction to that piece of heaven called "beach". When summer ended, I promised to check myself inside an imaginary no-beach rehab center. Two months of no beach seem short if you drown yourself in work. The formula was simple: work+home daily. It was simple and it made me sick in the head, it made me hallucinate. LOL Two months is all I can take and its become clear- I had to relapse. I had to make my way back to the beach or I'd go nuts! (this is an exaggeration of course!) Hey beach! It looks like we're going to see each other a lot again! Did you miss me? hehe

Lambug Beach, Badian
Costa de Leticia, Alegria

O'neill Hybrid Triumph Boardshorts
(wow really? just one item?)


  1. what is the name of the resort/mansion you are staying?


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