Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mayhem and the dancefloor.

The past days have been nothing but work. Sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep- has become a daily routine with the exception of weekends being- sleep, eat, sleep. This formula has been proven to be very effective if you're trying to get obese, not the direction that I'm going for. Since I'm too lazy to hit the gym, I've been trying to eat less. Hopefully, this will do the job. My weight, however, should be the least of my worries. Last week, mayhem hit the office when my boss asked me to join an emergency meeting along with some of my peers. Word got out about some plans of cutting the number of members in the team. I kind of saw this coming since this has always been the case since I joined the team. What I didn't see coming was the plan to cut the number of heads into half. After coming up with a back-up plan, we were told to keep our mouths shut to avoid causing panic in the team. Just like show business, people talk about other people in our office and most of the time, its nasty talk. Eventually, almost everyone in the team knew about the sad news the next day. You can pretty much predict what happened next- chaos. End of story.

On a lighter note, I finally had a chance to see one of my good friends from overseas after three years. Thanks to this little thing called webcam. I hate online chats but we chatted for 2 hours or so. Oh God we miss each other! And then I got an invitation to help her cross out one of the items in her bucket list- go to Koh Pangan's full moon party with her and party like crazy this 2012. She said all I have to worry about is getting myself a roundtrip ticket and she'll take care of the rest. I said yes to the invitation but really, there's so much to worry about than just getting a roundtrip ticket- if I can go on leave from work for a week, money for the roundtrip ticket, pocket money and passport (yes! I do not have a passport). Fingers crossed, I will be in this trip!

wore: H&M Plaid Shirt, People Are People Skinny Jeans, Vans Half Cab


  1. Omigod I can can so relate with your daily routine! Well that was when I was working. Getting a VL was one of my predicaments too. I didn't have a life so I decided one day to quit the friggin job. At ngayon bum ako! hahaha.

    Buti na lang nakakapagpartey-partey ka once in a while. I really wish you take that trip. Traveling is a great de-stresser. :)

    much love,

  2. @Ramona Andresa just bumming around is really tempting but i can't, just yet! and yes, i hope the trip pushes through too! thanks for dropping by, Andresa. =)

  3. bibo ani oi! i love party shots like these! and bacardi oro! sigh mingaw nakog laag2x da. i barely have time to unwind these days :((

    btw, isnt technology amazing?:)

    love the post archer!


  4. @Eden
    haha! as if I party on a regular basis! and yes! technology is amazing! again, thanks for dropping by Eden!


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