Sunday, August 7, 2011

Waking up to a blissful morning.

It’s 6:35 in the morning and I just woke up a little hung over from last night’s drinking. I’m not complaining. Why would I? I’m at the beach, it’s sunny, and I’m with four of my good friends from high school. It can’t get any better than this right? So here I am, wide awake, writing this post, while they’re in their beds- still snoring. A few minutes from now, they’ll rise up and it’s high school once again. But this time its different. This time we can openly talk about things that never crossed our heads when we were 15, maybe 14 for one. There’s Christie and Alexis who are getting hitched next year. We used to tease the two back in the days. Now here they are, wrapped in each others’ arms, in bed, in love. Then there’s Richard, who’s probably the most generous person I know, expressed how much he needed this trip. I needed this trip too but I think he has a much better reason than I do. I’d die if I have his job! The stress levels that he has to deal with on a daily basis are fatal! And then Ellen, the very hospitable Ellen. Yesterday’s food fest was superb, I didn’t expect one whole “lechon” to be served on the table! How’s that for lunch?! Ellen now has a cute a little angel named Gabriel. I personally don’t like kids but this boy is just adorable and much behaved. It’s 6:55am and they’re still asleep. This afternoon we’ll all drive back to the city, back to reality, back to our lives where high school ended ten years ago. I’ll soak in the moment for now. It’s sunny outside and the beach is calling me! Bliss.


Lambug Beach & Kawasan Falls

Badian, Cebu

wore: Body Glove Vapor Skin Boardshorts, white tank top


  1. archer, makasuya jud imo lifestyle doh :(( i miss the beach so much :( sayang, i really don't have that much time to burn even on weekends. paet! i'm happy for you though:)


  2. @Eden over Eden ha! lifestyle jud?! dili pud oi. addict lang jud ko ug beach dai so i really try to squeeze some time for it. hehe. thanks for dropping by. =)

  3. Lami kay Cher!hehehe sa sunod atong putahi dili na Humba ug Lechon. Utang Kamungay ug kinapayasan na saging napud hahahaha!!! magdala nako ug tirmos, mosketro para madala na nako c Gab. Para masaba na atong kagab e -on.hahahha ngita napud ta ug lain nga dagat nga atong tripingan.

  4. @Elene way problema Elene! excited na ko! woot!

  5. ang ganda ng beach! parang gusto kong pumunta dito ah.hehe. nice pics! :)

  6. @Andresa punta ka na ng Cebu! ganda talaga ng mga beach dito! thanks for dropping by! =)

  7. hi paano makapunta sa kawasan falls?


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