Sunday, February 5, 2012

PROJECT | Time flies and look where it flew me back!


Wow! I was M.I.A. for nearly 6 months!  Beat that!  And yes, I miss blogging and have wanted to post something since the first month of that 6-month hiatus.  I was just lazy, very lazy that is!  And oh, I was busy too!  Busy doing crazy things, random things.  But I'm back, hopefully I am really back.  While I sort things out, by sorting, I mean think about what to post...I'll post these photos that I took back when I was high on photography if there is such a thing.  Nothing hardcore though- just a bunch of amateurish photography, styling, hair/makeup, all by moi!  Photos 1-4 taken during road trip with friends, 5-6 during a trip to the beach with another set of friends, and 7-9 during a boring Sunday at home with my little sister.  And p.s., this updated blogger setting is killing me!
Transcentral Highway, Cebu
Lambug Beach, Badian
& Cebu City

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  1. yes babe dugay2x jud ka nawala! i keep dropping by to see bya unta if you have something new. glad you were able to spend your hiatus really well. show us your work soon!



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